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I'm Nicole and I'm a producer. 

I've been lucky to work with some amazing teams and brands over the years that have allowed me to expand my skillset beyond broadcast commercial advertising. While I love producing video-based projects, I get excited for the projects that require more, where I get to learn something brand new. 

For Progressive, I've produced a podcast series with loads of web content. For Santander Bank, an augmented reality experience to raise awareness for the working homeless. During my time in Richmond I worked on GEICO, producing an incredible amount of content each year. And one of my favorite projects was an interactive documentary for the JFK Library about the Cuban Missile Crisis called Clouds Over Cuba. 

What I love about being a producer is that no job is ever the same. Each comes with it's own unique set of challenges, and I learn something new every day. 

If you have questions about who I am and what I do, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

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